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Now an Award-winning Book!
Feathered Quill Book Award

This book, The Impending Monetary Revolution, the Dollar and Gold, received an award in the Non-fiction Informational Category from Feathered Quill, one of the preeminent book review sites on the internet. The press release announcing the winners stated a “HUGE number of excellent books” was received from small publishers “all the way up to the major New York houses.” We are proud to have been a winner in this stiff competition!

The Impending Monetary Revolution, The Dollar and Gold

The monetary crisis began in a small country, Greece, but it revealed financial vulnerabilities that are overturning the monetary system of the world. For years the Greek government spent beyond its means and borrowed to make up the difference. Just like the U.S. government. The U.S. has not yet suffered the dire economic consequences of Greece because of the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. That means it is the only country in the world that can pay its debts by simply printing more of its own money. Those days will come to an end.

American and European banks have gotten into trouble because of unsound banking practices that would not have been possible under a gold standard. And governments are on the verge of bankruptcy because there is no restraint—which a gold standard would provide—on their spending and manipulation of credit.

American politicians have debauched the currency for agendas contrary to our Constitution and to get themselves elected. And the Federal Reserve has provided a means of financing uneconomic political agendas and pushing the costs onto future generations. But debt and credit cannot expand forever—as America's housing/mortgage bubble demonstrated. When the credit bubble bursts, hard times must follow.

Eventually sound money will return. Because it is necessary. It will be gold because of its intrinsic characteristics and because no government has an unlimited supply of it which it can pay out to keep reckless borrowing and spending growing indefinitely. If sound money doesn't return in the U.S., it will return somewhere else. Then not only the dollar but America will lose its primacy in the world. It will lose that primacy as much for the neglect of its original constitutional principles as for the fate of the dollar itself. In fact, it was the neglect of those principles that led to the the frightening expansion of government and the demise of the dollar.

You are invited to read: A Brief Synopsis, Reader Comments, and About the Author.

“This book delivers riveting insights that are soundly supported by facts...extremely compelling and informative....There is a natural cadence and logical procession to the information Contoski delivers—the cadence accredited to his use of simple terminology supported by powerful context and facts.... This book is not over-infused with statistics or scare tactics. Rather, there is a confident message that resonates as Contoski often cites our founding document, The Declaration of Independence, and the importance of man to be able to exercise his unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I am honored to render my review of Mr. Contoski's book for a multitude of reasons. Overall, I commend him because economics has never been one of my strengths. However, after reading The Impending Monetary Revolution, The Dollar and Gold, I want to thank Mr. Contoski. Due to his agility and skill toward word placement (coupled with a tremendous knowledge of his topic), Mr. Contoski has taken the complex subject of finance and economics, laid it out across a mere couple of hundred pages and left me with an unbelievable sense of understanding the topic. His thoroughness in opening the camera lens beyond the economic constraints within the United States to incorporate a global perspective for the reader is fascinating and well documented. I say bravo for the work you put into writing this book Mr. Contoski! The end result is an extremely compelling and informative body of work.”—Diane Lunsford, Feathered Quill Book

“Strikingly perceptive financial straight talk. A solid overview of the current financial crisis and impending monetary revolution...incorporates a new dynamic to the current monetary policy discussion.”—Penn Book Review

“It is the finest economic book I have ever read.”—Jay Lehr, Ph.D., author of 30 books, over 1,000 book reviews, and senior fellow at the Heartland Institute.

Contoski's book is “a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak world...[of] fiscal cliffs, uncontrolled money creation, all you can eat for a buck healthcare, and European 'I owe you nothings.'”—Arthur Laffer, Ph.D., the “Father of Supply-Side Economics,” member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board for 8 years, former Chief Economist at the Office of Management and Budget, and nominee for the F.A. Hayek award in 2009.

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Makers and Takers How Wealth and Progress Are Made

Makers and Takers

A fact-filled and superbly-documented book on how wealth and progress are made, and how they are taken away or prevented. It shows how the free market creates progress and prosperity—and how government interferes. Government regulations retard economic growth, waste money—and are responsible for thousands of deaths every year!

With a foreword by John Chamberlain, former Book Review Editor for The New York Times

You are invited to read: A Brief Synopsis, Reader Comments, The First Page, and About the Author.

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"If you buy only one book this year, if you read only one book this year, this is the one. It is meticulously researched. It is beautifully written. It is fantastic! It is MAKERS AND TAKERS by Edmund Contoski"--Ed Flynn, host of "Talk of the Town" radio program

"I am simply astounded at the clarity and reason displayed in the book [MAKERS AND TAKERS]. It is the most compelling case for private property, free markets, and individual liberty I have ever come across." --John F. Sampson, M.D.

"In spite of the huge amount of information, it is exceptionally well-organized and it's also fun to read, with 'Ahaas!' on every page. I couldn't put it down."--reader in Thousand Oaks, CA

The Trojan Project A Technological Fantasy

The Trojan Project

A technological fantasy set amid today's political realities as men with opposing visions of America clash over its future.

You are invited to read: A Brief Synopsis, Reader Comments, Excerpts from the Story, and About the Author.

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"VERY nicely done! ... lots of interesting political ideas in a nicely readable way, better than Ayn Rand did with her interminable preaching in Atlas Shrugged!"--Michael J. McFadden, Mid-Atlantic Director, Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc. For rest of this review click here.

"There is a conversation in The Trojan Project that is better than any history lesson, or class or professor that you could ever imagine. Reading through this dialogue--which is powerful and provocative steeped-in-truth fiction--transformed me. I felt that my American heritage was rehabilitated. Listen up, America! This book contains relevant and necessary information for every individual in this country today. It's that powerful."--Lori Crever, host of TV show "30 Minutes with the Author."

The Impending Monetary Revolution, The Dollar and Gold

What "Global Warming"?

The American public has been subjected to a torrent of publicity that "global warming" is already occurring and poses a catastrophic threat to our planet. Here is a timely counterpoint to that propaganda. It supplements global warming topic in Makers and Takers. See also the Global Warming Chart.

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Have Government Regulations Made Your Car Safer

Have Government Regulations Made Your Car Safer -- Or More Dangerous?

The campaign for federal automobile regulations began back in the 1960s with Ralph Nader, who alleged that automobile companies were making increasingly dangerous automobiles. This booklet provides greater depth to the car safety regulations topic discussed in Makers and Takers.

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