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Essays by Edmund Contoski
Danger in Africa
Smoking Bans Are Killing People
Secondhand Smoke and Heart Disease
Unfounded Scares about Secondhand Smoke
Smoking Band of Meeker County Minnesota
Surgeon General Trades Integrity for Advocacy
New Study: Ethanol Bad for Health and Environment
Evidence Piles Up Against Ethanol
Ethanol: Poor Test Results, Other Negatives
Ethanol and Biodiesel Fuels
Ethanol Nonsense
Ethanol and MTBE - Should EPA be Abolished?
Ethanol Damage
Ethanol Is Net Energy Loser
Future Problems from Ethanol?
Politicians Seize Chance to Repeat Mistakes
Bridge Collapse, Political Failure
Government Versus Economic Reality
No Politician Left Behind
New Orleans Death by Environmentalism
E=HGP (Environmentalism = Higher Gas Prices)
Surprise! Prius Is Now Anti-Environment!
Government Officials Looking Out for Us
Al Gore's Conservation for Thee Not Me
Schools: Educational Choice or Coercion
Oil: Shortages, technology, and Economics
More on Oil, Economics and Government
Oil Prices and Taxes
Government Creates Oil Shortages, Raises Prices
Is Oil a Fossil Fuel?
Why Vaccine Shortages? - A Political 'Virus'
Hybrid Vehicles and Fuel Economy
Save Gas by Avoiding Hybrids?
U.S. Autos Downward Spiral - and the Lesson
Cancer, Health, Government and Markets
Fossil Confounds Global Warming Alarms
Is the Economic 'Cure' Worse Than the Disease?
Are CBS, ABC, and NBC Dishonest?
Overkill: Regulating Lawn Mower Emissions
ENRON-Type Bookkeeping in Government
Price Gouging: Oil Industry or Government
Studies Show Global Warming Not Due to Man
The U.N.'s First Climate Summit
Global Warming Hype on CBS
Surprising Global Warming News
Global Warming and Solar Cycles
Global Warming: Kerry and Gingrich
Global Warming, Flat Beer and Soda
Polar Bears and Global Warming
More on Polar Bears and Global Warming
Slanting News on Global Warming
IPCC Global Warming Report
Which Is It: Global arming or Cooling or Neither?
More Fraud, Misconduct at EPA
Ultimate Stupidity on Global Warming
My Problem with Eagles
Eagle Problem Update